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Toshe was formed by the gathering of several experts and an Iranian investor interested in new financial technologies with the aim of providing services to tourists and travelers who have made Iran their destination and international sanctions have deprived them of even basic financial facilities in the early 1400s.

Tosheh Group defined tourism mainly as the purpose of traveling to Iran, and from this point of view, it included not only sightseeing, but also trips for pilgrims to religious places, medical and beauty services, providing facilities for cultural and artistic seminars and gatherings, registration and preparations for scientific, sports and recreational trips and familiarization tours with the country’s national culture, and basically travel with any humanitarian and pious motivation. This service includes the provision of bank cards, hotel and accommodation reservations, flight tickets and tours, food rental with and without a driver, special airport services, provision of educational equipment and providing audio and video, reproduction and mailing of pamphlets and books, and even the provision of cash and delivery at the time of arrival.

The unrest of 1401 and the wide international stance of the country brought the issue of tourism to the fore and seriously paralyzed Tosheh to start work.

One of the things that was intended in the beginning was to provide services to Iranians who travel abroad for different purposes and due to the sanctions, they are not able to use international credit and debit cards. Among these passengers are compatriots who travel to different cities of Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Europe or as pilgrims to shrines and houses of God and have to carry cash for their expenses, which is always accompanied by risks.

Toshe Master Card, which is offered in cash (Debit) in cooperation with a new bank licensed by the Central Bank of Turkey, has been prepared to help these dear ones and others who need these cards to enter external sites.