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Luggage cards are issued in Euro, Dollar and Lira currencies in all countries where MasterCard or Visa services are provided, which are about 175 countries, and can be used in most countries and stores with different currencies.

If you are going abroad and don’t want to take the risk of carrying cash, if you need an international card to book hotels and flight tickets and online purchases, if you need to pay for a visa, register for training classes, buy books and software, and enter Are you looking for a practical way to play thousands of online games or to watch a lot of the latest movies and music like Netflix or Disney and Spotify you have to pay a subscription fee and the luggage card will meet all your needs. In addition to the plastic type, the luggage card can also be ordered virtually, which has a lower cost and faster delivery.

If printing is requested, the holder’s name will be printed in English on the card, which will take two weeks longer than the card without name.

Yes, to any number under the account of the main applicant.

Fortunately, it is possible to immediately block the card and replace it, and if the baggage is notified in time (within 48 hours), if the card has been misused, it is possible to return the bulk of the money. The amount of return depends on the speed of notification. How to proceed?
First – You must contact the luggage contact center by email or phone or log in to the luggage website and enter the necessary details in the missing section. The card will be permanently blocked by declaring it to the luggage, and it is better to make the necessary preparations.
Second- go to the new card request section and place a card order. If there is credit with the luggage, the card will be sent immediately for issuance and will be delivered to you as determined by the location.

Yes. The amount of cash that can be received and its fee varies from country to country or the bank of the ATM owner.

In most touristic countries, a fee of 1.5 to 3.5 dollars is charged to receive 200 dollars. In some European countries, this amount is charged up to 10 dollars.

Yes, there is no problem. Only in case of abuse, all responsibilities will be with the original card owner.

All funds of any type of currency that are transferred by the applicant to the Toshe account for the initial purchase of the card or store purchases are converted into Tether and kept in the Toshe wallet. The amount that the applicant requests to top up his master card, if there is sufficient balance in the applicant’s account with luggage, it is first added to the credit of the card, but no money is paid to the master card. If the card is used, the amount spent will be paid online directly to MasterCard. Any balance of the card that will be with the luggage can be returned to the applicant after a brief deduction of the fee.

– An independent bank account that makes the holder unnecessary for intermediaries to transfer money
Viewing the balance of the card and receiving the monthly bill
– Money transfer through the bank portal
Fast purchase and payment (in countries where it is possible to send a one-time password

By having a SIM card from any of the country’s operators, you will be able to receive SMS for the following purposes.
Receipt and payment, return from purchase, lack of inventory and rejection of request

Go to Tosheh site ( and enter the site after initial registration and providing the passport photo and required documents and choose your card type from the specifications table and after paying the fee, get that card in Iran or at the airport. Receive delivery in Istanbul.

There are different types of cards with different specifications and costs. Please see the attached table

At the time of registration and your first order, a digital wallet will be opened for you at Toshe. To confirm your order, you must deposit the necessary amount into your account. You can deposit the wallet in any amount you like by paying Riyals, cash or Tether cryptocurrency (USDT) to our trusted money changer. On Toshe site, you have the possibility to increase the credit of Master Card, which you can increase by any amount you want, if the balance of your wallet is sufficient, you can increase it 24/7.
Toshe recommends not to increase the credit limit unnecessarily and only charge the card for the daily consumption.
Note that whenever you want, the balance of your money in the wallet will be returned to you, but the amount deposited to Mastercard is not under the control of the luggage.

In addition to the security code for the card, there is also a definable PIN that will be given to you in the first email.

In addition to the security code for the card, there is also a definable PIN that will be given to you in the first email.

Depending on the type of card ordered, the daily withdrawal is from $100 to $1,000, and the monthly limit is from $200 to $5,000, and for cash, the limit is $200 per day.

At the time of conversion of riyals or dollars and euros to Tether cryptocurrency or vice versa, the average rate of three valid exchanges will be applied, which will be informed to the applicant.

The site is prepared to provide instant services to the applicants. The applicant enters the site by registering and getting an ID and password, and after completing the necessary information, he goes to the card order section and enters the desired type and specifications, and after paying the card fee, the card will be delivered within one to three weeks according to the requested specifications. took

With the design and understanding made with our colleagues at Neo Bank Turkey, the funds deposited by the applicants for MasterCard recharge are kept in Toshe accounts, and in each case of using the card, the cost is paid to MasterCard online. In this way, basically, there is no money left with Mastercard that is subject to recording. This is the reason why Tosheh can respond to the request of the applicant to return the balance of his money at any time.